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paper_voices's Journal

Lining up for a Critique
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Tired of other writing communities that give you little (if any) feedback from members?

Exasperated by feedback that only says, "I like it," and nothing more?

Looking for a full-blooded critique of your work, with possible suggestions for improvement?

If the answer to any of the above is a resounding "Yes," then please join us here at Paper Voices!

Please read all rules before joining this community, italicized below.

1. This community is open to all genres and levels of creative writing. The more, the merrier, is how we see it. However, you MUST post at least once a month.

2. All posts may be critiqued. If you cannot stand constructive criticism, then please don't bother joining.

3. If you are not sure how to critique a piece, please consider the following questions: what did you like/dislike about the piece? what are its strong points/weaknesses? Please do not write "I liked it" and leave it at that. Tell us WHY. Put some thought into it!

4. No attacks of a personal nature will be tolerated. If you are found doing this, you shall be banned immediately.

5. Occasionally, themes will be introduced. They are not mandatory, merely suggestions. Perhaps they'll get someone's creative juices flowing!

6. Rules will be added as needed. You will be informed of the changes immediately.

Your moderator is cogenthought. Please feel free to email her with any questions you may have.

Happy writing!